Saturday, January 29, 2011

An obsession for three years and counting.

Since sophomore year, I have been working on variations of the same image. This is based on a photograph that I took before I moved to New England (what was I thinking?). I won't go into the details about why this image is so important or why I feel compelled to try to answer her over and over and over again. This has been an ongoing interest that I have had. Here are some of the phases that she and I went through.

Six Color Lithograph from Sophomore year. This was the beginning, now a six color litho is child's play. Lately, I've been working on a 15 or so color litho (unrelated). This Print is, say, 16 inches high and 9 wide.

Unfinished pastel painting that I did Junior year for an independent study I had with Tim Harney. Say, 36 x 42 inches.
Monotype on glass from Junior year. 22x 30.
Monotype on zinc, also junior year, same size.
What I am working on now (bad photo), Pastel, approx. 6 x 4 feet. This will be in my thesis show in May.
One of the many, many influences.
You don't understand until you admit that you will never understand. Get it? Then you're hopeless.

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  1. hey! Ethan is the dude to talk to he has been collecting and shooting 8mm and 16mm all winter, not to mention all of his life. But he's the man with the info!