Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lithography is for the Suicidal. I blame Death Metal. And Tim Harney.

First state, the second and third states are too blown out, too much acid eating the stone, I have to stop cooking those slabs of limestone. It's a vicious cycle of burning, eating, then rising them from the dead. Counter etch is my friend.
This is the stone of the second state of the self-portrait lithograph. The photo is backwards, accident, but perfect since that's how the print would be facing anyway. I kind of got onto this Nathan Oliveria kick. Less Nuance and less 'noise'. It's not the final state, but I like it enough to put it through the press once I have the paper.

This is the first state of a lithograph self-portrait. I printed it on just newsprint because I would never waste paper on this state. It's nuanced and noisy and an overall bad drawing. I burned the hell out of this stone so it's like a chemical abortion excuse for a print. Give me a minute.

drawings and works in progress

Tiny. This one is approx. 6 inches by 9. I think I'm done with this one, working so small drives me insane.
This one is about mmmm....ten inches high and maybe twenty inches wide. Charcoal on paper, I'm thinking about making it pastel. Dead relatives are the best relatives.

3ft high, four feet wide. pastel painting, there is some oil, double portrait of youngest sister and myself.