Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Studio

So I got a new space and it's about twice the size of my old studio. I never work in the studios at 301 for several reasons.
1. That's not a studio, it's a cubicle. If I wanted to work in a cubicle, I wouldn't have chosen art in the first place.
2. I can't smoke in the 301. Fill in the blanks where you may.
3. I'm too cheap to cough up the $30 for a key and I'm a nocturnal creature.
4. Although being awake during the daylight hours is normally an indicator of rabies, I like working with sunlight. The florescent lighting coupled with the overhead fans creates this weird flicker that makes me feel like I'm in prison.
5. ------
6. The walls are moulded and shitty and it reflects so on my drawings.
7. S1. If I have to hear one more Belle and Sebastian or Lady GaGa song, I am going to vomit all over someone.
8. You get the picture.

We are creating habits now. I never want to be separated from my work, have my studio be something that I can 'take a break from', always have work on the brain. My studio becomes a bedroom at the end of the night when I take my mattress from the hallway and put it down to sleep. With this sort of set up, my work is the last thing I see when I close my eyes and the first thing I see when I wake up. I love that.
I also collect, rescue, and trade work with other people, and have a working system for a set up.
What I have left to do in the studio (I want to be done hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow) is finish skimming the working walls until they are baby-bottom smooth, prime, then paint. Oh, and get a door. The two working walls are HUGE, approx. 10 feet wide and 8 feet tall. I'll put up the photos when everything is done, it really is a sweet set up.

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