Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lithography is for the Suicidal. I blame Death Metal. And Tim Harney.

First state, the second and third states are too blown out, too much acid eating the stone, I have to stop cooking those slabs of limestone. It's a vicious cycle of burning, eating, then rising them from the dead. Counter etch is my friend.
This is the stone of the second state of the self-portrait lithograph. The photo is backwards, accident, but perfect since that's how the print would be facing anyway. I kind of got onto this Nathan Oliveria kick. Less Nuance and less 'noise'. It's not the final state, but I like it enough to put it through the press once I have the paper.

This is the first state of a lithograph self-portrait. I printed it on just newsprint because I would never waste paper on this state. It's nuanced and noisy and an overall bad drawing. I burned the hell out of this stone so it's like a chemical abortion excuse for a print. Give me a minute.

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