Sunday, May 15, 2011

End of Second Semester senior year

"House of Saints" Charcoal and pastel, 18 by 24

"House of Saints" detail

"August, Seven in the Morning". Twelve color lithograph.
You heard me.

"You and Me and the Devil Makes Three" Pastel and charcoal, 14 by 19. In the collection of Wilber Blair - as it should be.

"Composite Head #2" One color lithograph, second state.

My part in Aaron Berger's Map Project. Charcoal, ink, collage, pastel, an irreverent use of painting medium and polyurethane, and moth wings.

"Rob Roy Fun Time" aka "Big, Biiiiiiiggg Circle" Pastel and Ink, about 4 feet all around. I really want to be able to make a perfect circle by using the swing of my shoulder...and stabbing a knife really fast between my fingers. Been practicing both-must say I'm getting pretty good.

look closely

Look closelier....

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