Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where I've been this whole time

Hi there, this is my actual studio. I still need a door, as you can see, I'm using an old painting instead from my impasto phase (good times).

I get shit every now and then for not working in the 301 or just always playing close to the vest in general. However, I have been interested in keeping a practice at home since sophomore year; my conviction is that if this is honestly the path in life that one chooses, the home studio should be a no-brainer (i.e., you shouldn't put your work away at the hardie, only work in school designated areas, and then go on with your life because THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!!! Well, at least it's mine) This room is also my bedroom, you don't see the mattress because I drag it out into the hallway in the morning and lay it back down to sleep at night.




    Looking good.

    We should gang-rape the big stone. Well... DP I guess. Tell me when and where.

  2. This summer.
    nerding out some poor stone.
    oh yes.

  3. Rosy! Thanks for being my 80th follower! I agree with you about the home studio thing - I've had my studio in my home since graduating. I did enjoy the 301 studio I had though because it was big and it was nice to have other people in there and energy was buzzing. It's hard to imagine not being able to walk ten feet to my studio though. Anyways, I saw your drawing of the figure in the field (that's pictured in this post) in the Hardie building last year and must say I really loved it. I liked the ambiguity of certain parts next to the clarity of other details. Look forward to your updates.